Sleep Health Training for Professionals

Estimated Completion Time: 20 hours

This course provides an introduction to the biological mechanisms which make us sleep, what influences these mechanisms and the importance of sleep.  It also provides an overview of how sleep is measured in a sleep laboratory and with various home-based studies.  A number of sleep disorders and screening tools to identify those who are risk of them as well as treatments for them are also presented.  Sleep Health Training for Professionals also discusses the evidence for healthy sleep practice (sleep hygiene) recommendations and information about managing shift work so those who take the course will have confidence when speaking about sleep and behavioural recommendations for improving sleep.

Course structure

This course consists of 7 modules:

  • Introduction to sleep
  • Importance of sleep
  • Regulation of sleep
  • Sleep disorders: prevalence, pathogenesis, screening & consequences
  • Measuring sleep and sleep disorders
  • Sleep report interpretation
  • Optimising sleep + managing shift work


This course is aimed at:

Pharmacists, exercise physiologists, psychologists, worksite health teams and anyone who would like a more in-depth understanding of sleep, sleep disorders and the assessment of sleep disorders.  It it not designed for those looking to work in clinical sleep laboratories where in-depth understanding of laboratory based sleep studies and the scoring of them is required.

Course entry prerequisites

Assumed high-level knowledge is not a requirement as anyone who has completed a high school level of education can take this course. However, those with a tertiary-level background in anatomy and/or physiology may find some elements of the course easier than those without.