Fundamentals of Sleep Science & Sleep Health

Estimated Completion Time: 7.5 Hours


Course structure

This course consists of 18 lectures spread over 6 modules. Each lecture is 10-45 mins. Each module concludes with a short quiz of up to 15 questions, with unlimited attempts.

  1. Introduction to the science of sleep
  2. What makes us sleep and how we sleep
  3. The importance of sleep
  4. Sleep measurement tools
  5. Common sleep disorders
  6. How sleep health can be improved

This course is aimed at:

Anyone looking to gain an introductory evidence-based understanding of the science of sleep, common sleep disorders and their treatments and how to improve sleep.

Course entry prerequisites

No prerequisite knowledge is required to undertake this course although those who have completed year 10 high school will find it easier than those who have not.